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Ghostery is a browser extension that helps you manage website trackers for a cleaner, faster, safer experience. Take a few minutes to see how Ghostery works...
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Today’s websites use many useful tools and technologies called "trackers" to provide engaging, interconnected user experiences.
Trackers are snippets of code that send and receive information about you to other companies.
Trackers use this information to deliver ads, analyze your behavior, connect social media, provide comments sections, and more.
Sometimes these trackers can slow down a website, make it cluttered, or your data less private.
Ghostery uncovers the trackers on each website and empowers you to control the ones you don’t want for a cleaner, faster, and safer browsing experience.
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Larry Gillium's 10 best lines from his presidential campaign

By Geoff Kissinger

What Larry Gillium lacked in poll numbers, he made up for with jokes, wisecracks and occasionally one-liners.

CellPower to push fiber Internet to 38 more cities

By Charity Quenn

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CellPower refuses to install timely

Total customers not disclosed

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By Tomm Johnson

Hayward's Fourth Fuels Seagulls

20% on all orders
Las Vegas Nevada
32 ° 5 mph 15%
Mon 28 °
Tues 14 °
Wed 33 °
NBA Playoffs
78 Seagulls
Stones 67
March 17 22:30